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HTML & CSS for Clients

Since I'm building websites for clients, and they want to learn how to maintain their own content, I should teach them some basic HTML so they don't have to come to me with every little update request. Problem is, I've never really taught HTML to anyone before. I don't really know where to start. I've got...

Baby’s First Mind Map!

Today was the first day of getting un-stuck from a rut we were in. We’re designing a logo for an e-book reader company, and my high-schoolers all kept coming up with logos that looked like books with a big shiny E. Boring! So, at my own desk, I was mind-mapping and sketching, and I thought, [...]

New School Year, New Designer

I had a breakthrough over the summer. Backstory: For those who don’t know (or just haven’t heard about it enough yet), I’m an assistant mentor for high school students at an after-school art program called MyARTS (where I used to be a mentored high school student myself). So, in addition to taking classes at KCAI, I’m [...]