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neon sign with Asian symbol
properties atomic number 10

atomic weight of 20.1797

very lightweight

noble gas

very stable

normally colorless

glows red-orange when electrified

Light Up Your Life With Neon!
neon monogram Neon is the tenth element on the periodic table. Its name comes from a Greek word meaning "new one," as this element was discovered late in the 1890s. Neon is very lightweight, and is the second-lightest noble gas. This means it keeps its integrity under many conditions. In fact, it is the least reactive of all currently known elements. Neon is relatively rare on Earth, but abundant in the rest of the universe. It is a monatomic gas, meaning it exists as a group of single atoms that are not bound together. This is different from most other elements found in nature, which are usually bound in clusters or compounded with other elements. While colorless under normal conditions, neon is best known for its familiar reddish-orange glow when it is put in vacuum tubes and electrified. So-called "neon" lights of other colors are actually different elements displayed in the same way. For example, while neon glows red-orange, elements like argon and xenon glow in more cool, bluish hues. Tubes of neon are sometimes combined with other tubed gases to create vivid and colorful displays.